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Table Formwork

The MALMO STEELS Table formwork system provides the construction industry with modern formwork, which fully meets all economical and practical application demands.

MALMO STEELS Table formwork system is made with the combination of wood and steel to accommodate very heavy loads. It can be variable adjusted to small and large heights. The sturdy table form can be repositioned completely in one piece.

MALMO STEELS Table formwork system is so versatile, that practically every floor can be formed with it.

M-Load Table Formwork

Suitable for different kinds of building structures, frames are connected by cross braces to make different sizes of table based on the slab thickness.

Allowable load data contain there in has been developed through the use of test procedure recommended by the "scaffolding and shoring institute" and a safety factor of 2.5 to 1.

Capacity: per leg 60kN