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Frame system (Light Duty)

The Light weight Frame System for access has bee specially designed for fast and easy assemble by unskilled operatives, coupled with the minimum of supervision. The basic system comprises of a small number of components, which fit together with the minimum of effort to form a firm and stable structure. Each frame incorporates quick action flip-lock fittings for the attachment of the horizontal and diagonal members.

Light Duty Frames

  • The system has built in spigot and are light weight which allows faster assembly and dismantling.
  • No skilled labour required.
  • The frame has tubular brace for better rigidity

Different Light Duty Frames Available Are:

a)  Italian frame

b)  Single ladder frame

c)  Double ladder frame

d)  Beatty frame

Corner Soldier

Designed to be used in conjunction with standard soldiers, they simplify the construction of corners. By allowing ties to pass through in both direction, each corner soldier replace two standard soldiers. They permit the tie to be closer to the corner which in turn reduce the loading on external corner.

Steel Waling

The required length of waling can obtained by joining
the waling together using two M16x35mm bolts & nuts
through the holes in end plates.
Waling of different length (1.2m, 2.7m, 3.6m etc.) are
Depth 'A" are available in 100mm, 125mm, 150mm.

Steel Waling Clamp

It is used to fasten the steel waling to the face of
the soldier at any height using one M16x75mm
bolt and nut.

Right Angle Wall Form System

b) Corner Stripping Piece

It is used to support the shutter from the inside face
of the wall corner. It consist of an right angle bend
sheet two square tube & required number of
thread rod & wing nut. While assembling the
plywood of the shutter is placed between the bend
sheet & square tube as shown in the fig..

Assembling of shoring

The shoring bracket is placed through the soldier and bolted with wing nut along with the tie plate, in addition to this another M16x75 bolt & nut is used to fix the bracket across the soldier. To the shoring soldier left & right shoring adaptor is fastened using 8 nos. of M16x35 bolts & nuts one end of this is fitted to shoring bracket using an M10x75 bolt & nut and the other to the adaptor base using an M10x75
bolt & nut.