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In its constant search for advanced solutions, the Malmo Steels has made significant investments in the development of equipment for the vertical transport of people and materials on building sites such as lifts, hoists and platforms.

Electromechanical lifting equipment is a specialized sector which the company, pioneer in Italy, has developed over the years, laying the foundations for and contributing to the evolution of construction technologies, guaranteeing:

  • a significant reduction in ascent times
  • rapid and timely intervention of personnel
  • high reliability and ease of use

with capacities ranging from 1000kg to 3000kg, enclosed car and speed from 36mt/min up to 90m/min.
Lifts are equipped with a rack and pinion lifting mechanism, moved by electrical motors and designed to obtain gradual starts and stops with a comfortable ride. Both kind of lifts can reach heights up to 200 meters, are fast and safe maneuvering due to the electrical control devices. They are quick and easy to install and disassemble.

with capacities ranging from 400kg to 1500kg, open car and speeds 12m/min and 24mt/min.
Like the lifts are equipped with a rack and pinion lifting mechanism operated by electric motors; they can reach heights up to 120 meters and are equipped with car of different dimensions suitable to raise not only people but also all types of materials and bulky equipment.

with capacities ranging from 2500kg to 3000kg, open car up to 4,20mt x 3,20mt and speeds 12m/min and 24mt/min.
These heavy load hoists have been designed specifically to lift all kinds of materials and equipment and they are suitable to replace loading towers in all kind of construction sites.

with deck lengths of up to 28m and extension towards the façade of up to 2m.
In the single and double column version, they have a working deck fitted with motors for movement along modular, trestle vertical columns using a rack and pinion coupling mechanism. The working deck comprises two elements:

  • a moving platform anchored to the tower,
  • intermediate deck parts between two moving platforms with plywood floor, a double parapet and foot rails. Telescopic corbels allow the platforms to be adapted to the profiles of the facades.